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Maintaining relined pipes maximum lifespan
Maintaining relined pipes for maximum lifespan

Relined pipes can last 50+ years with proper maintenance. Learn simple habits like preventing corrosion and hiring professionals for inspections to extend lifespan of relined pipes. Contact us to learn more.

Electric Gas Hot Water: Efficient?
Electric or Gas Hot Water: Which is More Efficient?

When comparing electric and gas hot water systems, gas models tend to be more energy efficient but electric systems have a lower carbon footprint. Tankless systems are also more efficient. Look at efficiency ratings, hot water usage needs, greenhouse gas emissions and installation costs before deciding.

Signs Gas Line Damaged
Signs Your Gas Line Is Damaged

Hissing sounds, the smell of rotten eggs, fog, mist or condensation near gas lines, dead plants or health issues could indicate your gas line is damaged and leaking. A damaged gas line is extremely dangerous so contact a licensed plumber immediately to assess and repair any issues.

Manage Hot Water Thermostat Easily
Manage Your Hot Water Thermostat Easily

Adjusting your hot water system’s thermostat is an easy way to maximize efficiency and start saving on energy bills. Our experts can help you get it right.

Pipe Relining Fix Bowed Misaligned Pipes?
Can Pipe Relining Fix Bowed or Misaligned Pipes?

Pipe relining is a modern, trenchless method to repair damaged pipes without excavation. It can fix bowed, cracked and misaligned pipes by applying a flexible epoxy coating on the inside. Relining is faster, cheaper and less invasive than replacing pipes.

Bleach Unclog Drain?
Can Bleach Unclog A Drain?

Bleach is an effective DIY drain cleaner for hair, soap scum and debris clogs when used properly. Pour 1 cup down the drain, let sit 15-20 mins, then rinse.

blocked drains reduce water pressure?
Can blocked drains reduce your water pressure?

Blocked drains can cause low water pressure by restricting flow. This builds pressure and can burst pipes or push water backwards, flooding homes. Unblocking drains prevents damage and contamination while restoring normal pressure.

Dealing Sewage Issues? ’
Dealing With Sewage Issues? Here’s Help

Sewage backups, overflows and blockages can cause unhealthy and unpleasant situations. Learn how to unblock drains, identify issues and prevent problems. Get professional assistance fixing pipe issues and cleaning contamination.

Hot Water Running Fast?
Hot Water Running Out Too Fast?

If your hot water supply is diminishing rapidly or the tank empties faster than it used to, several issues could be to blame. Common culprits include sediment accumulation, a small or old water heater, broken parts like the heating element or thermostat, or improper temperature settings.

Professional Pipe Relining Services
Professional Pipe Relining Services

As licensed pipe relining specialists with over 10 years of experience, we provide professional trenchless drain repairs in Colyton without the mess and expense of digging. We use industry-leading technology and top quality materials to reline your pipes from the inside-out. Contact us for a quote!

Natural Gas Safe?
Is Natural Gas Safe?

Natural gas is typically considered a safe and efficient energy source if handled properly. However, gas leaks can be hazardous. If you smell gas, leave immediately and contact the gas company. Learn safety tips for using natural gas.

Hot Water Pressure?
What Causes Low Hot Water Pressure?

Low or changing hot water pressure is often due to debris in pipes or water system components needing repair. Identifying and fixing the cause quickly is key for restoring normal hot water flow.

Spot Problems Gas Appliances
How To Spot Problems With Gas Appliances

It’s important to routinely check gas appliances as issues can develop over time. Listen and smell for leaks, check pilot lights and flames. Contact a licensed technician if you detect any problems for inspection and repairs to avoid risks.

Dealing Frozen Pipes Winter
Dealing With Frozen Pipes This Winter

Frozen and bursting pipes can cause severe water damage. To prevent frozen pipes, insulate exposed pipes, leave taps dripping, keep house heated, and know how to thaw pipes quickly if they do freeze. Call a plumber immediately if a pipe bursts.

Steps Involved Pipe Relining
Steps Involved in Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a trenchless repair method that involves inserting a resin-coated liner into the damaged pipe to rehabilitate it, without digging trenches. The key steps include inspection with cameras, cleaning, inserting and curing the liner. The process is faster and less disruptive than replacing pipes.

Health risks blocked drains
Health risks from blocked drains

Blocked drains encourage bacteria growth causing skin infections, respiratory issues, diseases and more health problems. Stagnant water breeds pathogens posing risks. Get a professional plumber to safely unblock drains.

4 Steps Identify Fix Hot Water System Leaks
4 Steps to Identify and Fix Hot Water System Leaks

Hot water system leaks can occur from issues like a faulty relief valve, loose fittings, or a worn out tank. By following 4 troubleshooting steps you can identify the source of the leak and resolve it before major damage occurs. Check the entire system and call a professional plumber if needed.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Relined?
Can Fire Sprinkler Systems Be Relined?

Fire sprinkler systems that are corroded, leaking or blocked can be relined as a cost-effective alternative to full replacement. Sprinkler system relining is a specialist service that coats old pipes with epoxy resin to repair damage, prevent future issues and extend system lifespan for up to 10 years.

Pipe Relining Improve Water Pressure?
Does Pipe Relining Improve Water Pressure?

Pipe relining is a trenchless method that inserts a resin liner inside damaged pipes to repair cracks and leaks. This smoothes the interior wall, preventing buildup and friction to improve water flow and pressure without having to dig up pipes.

Set Gas Cooktop
How to Set Up a Gas Cooktop

Installing a gas cooktop requires proper tools, safety precautions and gas line connections. Our guide provides detailed steps for correctly setting up your new cooktop. Contact Colyton Plumbing if you need assistance.

risks ignoring blocked drain
The risks of ignoring a blocked drain

Ignoring a blocked drain can lead to water damage, mould growth, foul odours and serious health hazards. Get professional drain cleaning services today to avoid these risks and keep your home safe.

Selecting Correct Hot Water System Size
Selecting the Correct Hot Water System Size

Are you unsure about what size hot water system you need? Read our guide to find out the factors to consider and make the right choice for your household.

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